Amber has loved art and animals from a young age. From having a house full of dogs, cats, birds, and even a sugar glider, to riding horses in her home states of Oklahoma & Kansas. When she won 1st place in a drawing contest in 8th grade, she knew she wanted to become a professional artist. Amber majored in Fine Art at Clemson University concentrating in drawing and painting in 2013.

After 20 years a part from horses due to allergies, Amber is now able to ride again and is ecstatic to rekindle this love! She also likes to volunteer at animal shelters. Amber's yearning to be around animals never stops and that passion resonates in her paintings. Amber's pet portraits reflect the spirit and personality of the animal using oil paint. She feels it is important to connect emotionally with her subject matter in order to produce the vitality that it deserves. Amber lives in Bozeman, MT with her husband Alan, German Shorthair Pointer Mavey, and Rhodesian Ridgeback Peachy. 


Proficient in oil paint, she utilizes traditional and contemporary painterly techniques. Amber is an associate member of Oil Painters of America, American Women Artists, and the American Academy of Equine Art. 

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